Get a second video monitor! Now!

I’ve been using two video monitors for years now and I actually find it difficult to work without a second monitor. There are a couple of ways to do it. First, you can attach a computer monitor directly to your laptop via a VGA connector. Second, if you have a desktop computer, it may be configured to accept a second video monitor (you might need to purchase a video card upgrade). This is the configuration I use. When I bought a new computer, I made sure it had the power and video capabilities to run more than one video monitor. I have a 27″ monitor (on my left side) where I do my writing and a 20″ monitor (on my right) that is open for as many browser tabs or anything else that I need. Today, I have a Word document and an Excel document open on the left-hand monitor and my browser (Firefox) on the right. It is much easier to do research and writing or editing this way and I don’t get dizzy flipping back and forth between windows.