Get a second video monitor! Now!

I’ve been using two video monitors for years now and I actually find it difficult to work without a second monitor. There are a couple of ways to do it. First, you can attach a computer monitor directly to your laptop via a VGA connector. Second, if you have a desktop computer, it may be configured to accept a second video monitor (you might need to purchase a video card upgrade). This is the configuration I use. When I bought a new computer, I made sure it had the power and video capabilities to run more than one video monitor. I have a 27″ monitor (on my left side) where I do my writing and a 20″ monitor (on my right) that is open for as many browser tabs or anything else that I need. Today, I have a Word document and an Excel document open on the left-hand monitor and my browser (Firefox) on the right. It is much easier to do research and writing or editing this way and I don’t get dizzy flipping back and forth between windows.

Author: CMW

A professional writer and editor with numerous clients worldwide, Dr. Wernette has numerous clients who are active in diverse fields, including the biomedical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, natural, and social sciences as well as engineering. Writing and editing formats include research manuscripts, review articles, monographs, grant proposals, study reports, meeting summaries, professional and patient education materials, newsletters, marketing materials, slide sets, posters, and web sites, among others.

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